Henry-Martin Klemt was born in Berlin in 1960. He lives in Frankfurt on the Oder. He is an Aries by confession, writer, poet, songwriter, adapts verses from foreign poets into his language, produces photo-reportages and works an a journalist.

After vocational training in printing and skilled work in offset printing he graduated at the German Institute for Literature - Literaturinstitut „Johannes R. Becher“- (today part of the University ) in Leipzig in 1985. Later on he was an employee of the semi-conductor factory and responsible for social and cultural work there. He has worked as an editor and is an independent writer since 1994.

Some of his poetic work:

“Album No. 242” - „Poesiealbum 242“ (Verlag Neues Leben, Berlin, 1987),
”Road Marks” - „Wegzeichen“ (Stadt Frankfurt (Oder),1990),
“Freedom smells like burnt stuff” - „Freiheit riecht nach Verbranntem“ (edition rotdorn, Potsdam, 1997),
”Heart of Man” - „Menschenherz“ (Verlag Die Furt, Jacobsdorf, 2002),
”Skin Contacts” - „Hautkontakte“ (viademica verlag berlin, Berlin, 2004)
"What I wont - Songs and other meetings" (Publishers Frankfurt/Oder 2008)

Other works are published in anthologies or other media, some are even broadcasted.

Henry-Martin Klemt performed in Germany, Poland, Austria, Italy, Russia and Romania
His poems were adapted in Polish, Russian, Romanian, Italian and French and English.

He cooperates with actors, singers, songwriters and art groups.
His collaboration with the group "Quijote" in Chemnitz and the poet and songwriter Frank Viehweg in Berlin has been going on for several decades.

He participated in the creation and production of several LP and CD:
“Millions of Emotions” - „Millionen Emotionen“, 1989, by the rock group „Wahkonda“, Frankfurt (Oder),
“Homecoming“- „Heimwärts“, 1997, „Just this one and only swallow“ - „Nur diese eine Schwalbe“, 2003, „River under Ice“ - „Fluss unterm Eis“, 2005, by the group Quijote, Chemnitz,
“Love songs after 12“ - „Liebeslieder nach 12“, 2000, “My special reason“ - „Mein Grund“, 2003, “Collection of evidence“ - "Spurensicherung", 2006, by Frank Viehweg, Berlin,
„Now we are here“ - „Jetzt sind wir hier“, 2003, with Frankfurt AllStars, Frankfurt (Oder)
“Three litres of local wine “ - „Drei Liter Landwein“, 2001, and “Very different very soon“ - „Bald Anders“, 2004, of the group Drei Liter Landwein, Frankfurt (Oder).

Klemt’s main adaptation is „Requiem“by Anna Achmatowa (Potsdam 1992) and poems written by Vadim Sidur (Berlin 1992).

Klemt received several prizes for his work e.g.
Reinhard Weisbach Prize 1982,
Hans Weber Foster Prize 1989,
a special grant donated by the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the Land Brandenburg 1996,
„Ehm Welk Prize for Literature 1996,
one prize of the third „Festival Internazionale di Poesia 1997” in Genua (Italien)
and the Mannheimer Heinrich-Vetter-Literaturpreis 2005.

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